What is professional counseling?

Many people find it difficult to reach out for professional guidance and support. However, simply asking for help is truly the first step to getting better. We live and operate in a high paced, high stressed world today. Many times, perceived pressures or influences can make us feel uncertain or overwhelmed in our life. Professional Counseling can identify triggers and help individuals cope with unique situations by working on behavioral influences that may be causing the emotional, psychological or physical distress.

How will it help me, or someone I care about?

Many factors contribute to “who we are as individuals”. Working with a professional counselor can offer guidance in addressing unhealthy emotional and psychological patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Identifying these patterns and behaviors can be the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

How much does it cost?

Ascensions believes’ that professional counseling should be affordable to all, regardless of their financial situation. We offer programs designed to meet the needs of those experiencing financial hardship. Please discuss any financial needs with a counselor prior to making your appointment.

How long does it last?

All counseling services provided by Ascensions is done on a voluntary basis. Clients may choose to stop at any time. Since each individual will have different needs and circumstances, the length of time can vary accordingly. We do recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for proper analysis.

What can I do to get the most out of it?

Show up for each session and have an open mind to work on things. Try to remove any pre-conceived notions you may have on “how to fix things”. Be honest with yourself and the counselor. Also, be patent with yourself, growth will come but sometimes not in ways that you may have expected or anticipated.
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